Mechanical Equipment Ignition Risk Assessments (MEIRA)

Mechanical Equipment Ignition Risk Assessments (MEIRA) is a method for determining if Mechanical Equipment installed in a Zoned (Hazardous) Area if suitable for use in that particular area.

Engenda Group Ltd (t/a Clark Eriksson) have trained and validated Process Safety Engineers, and Mechanical Engineers trained and experienced in Mechanical Equipment Ignition Risk Assessments (MEIRA).  This is risk assessment approach that can be used to check if Pre-ATEX Mechanical Equipment is suitable for the zone that the equipment is installed in, and if not suitable what potential improvements could be made to make it suitable for safe continued use, like the installation of Instrumentation to measure for example temperature of the bearings / casing, and tripping the machine if the temperature exceeds a pre-set value.  

ATEX directives now include non-electrical ignition sources (BS EN ISO 80079-36)

  • Non-electrical equipment standards now in place
  • Pre-ATEX non-electrical equipment requires to undergo ignition hazard risk assessment
  • To complete a practical / pragmatic assessment of non-electrical equipment ignition hazard, this may involve estimation of the kinetic and/or potential energy involved.