DSEAR-ATEX Compliance


The control of flammable substances either in Gas/Vapour or Dust form is key in any industry, whether in the Process Sector or indeed Food and Drinks Sector.  

What is DSEAR?

DSEAR stands for the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002.

Dangerous substances can put peoples’ safety at risk from fire and explosion. DSEAR puts duties on employers and the self-employed to protect people from risks to their safety from fires, explosions and similar events in the workplace, this includes members of the public who may be put at risk by work activity.

For more detailed information on DSEAR please consult the HSE Website, Section on DSEAR 


What is ATEX?

ATEX is the name commonly given to the framework for controlling explosive atmospheres and the standards of equipment and protective systems used in them.

It is based on the requirements of two European Directives.

1) Directive 99/92/EC (also known as ‘ATEX 137’ or the 'ATEX Workplace Directive’)

2) Directive 94/9/EC (also known as ‘ATEX 95’ or ‘the ATEX Equipment Directive’)

For more detailed information on ATEX please consult the HSE Website, Section on ATEX


Clark Eriksson Services

Clark Eriksson can assist clients with DSEAR/ATEX Compliance via:

  • DSEAR Risk Assessments
  • Classification of areas where explosive atmospheres may occur
  • Production of Area Classification Layouts
  • Selection of equipment and protective systems
  • Self-certification of Systems
  • Creation of DSEAR Compliant Loop/Schematic Drawings

Recent DSEAR Projects

Clark Eriksson have completed many DSEAR Assessment for Chemical Plants, and for other companies.   Some of our more unusual DSEAR Assessments include

  • DSEAR Assessment and Full Area Classification for an existing Whisky Distillery in 2011
  • DSEAR Assessment for a Furniture Restorer for Solvent Spraying in 2012
  • DSEAR Assessment for a major Scottish Exhibition Centre for internal use of LPG Cylinders for demonstrations in May 2012

 Link to Advert seen in The Chemical Engineer - November 2010 Edition :  Clark Eriksson DSEAR Services