3D Laser Scanning

CEA (via a Group Company) can now offer 3D Laser Scanning to complement our existing 3D Design Service.


3D laser scanning is a quick and accurate technique which produces a vast amount of accurate setting out data in a short time. The scanner emits a laser which is capable of taking over one hundred thousand 3D measurements per second.

This creates a 3D point cloud containing millions of points in free space which is then used to generate a solid CAD model of the existing arrangement incorporating all services, steelwork, buildings, etc.

This example show parts of scans performed along with 3D model generated from point cloud data. From the existing model, proposed routings and modifications were developed and final installation general arrangement drawings were generated.

Pump Room Colour 3D laser scan

Photograph             3D Laser Scan Point Cloud            3D CAD Model

A plant area measuring approximately 15m x 10m x 12m high across two levels, containing pipework, pumps, equipment, etc. A colour 3D laser scan was performed enabling an accurate 3D model of the existing arrangement to be produced. Proposals were incorporated into the model allowing installation general arrangement drawings to be generated.


Wastewater Treatment works






3D Laser Scan Point Cloud






3D CAD Model 

A small treatment works site measuring approximately 120m x 100m. The whole site was scanned in detail and a 3D model generated from the point cloud which was developed to incorporate the proposed works.


Contact Clark Eriksson for any 3D Scanning requirements.