Construction Management

Clark Eriksson can offer clients a Construction Management or Supervision service as required, either as part of a full EPCM style contract or as a standalone service.

Effective Construction Management on site will ensure a Project is completed on time and on budget with NO Accidents or Incidents.

We act as the client representative, hence we are effectively the client.

We believe that separating 'Design and Build' is Key to effective project delivery of costs and time.  By employing a Project Management Company rather than a 'Design and Build' Contractor, clients can ensure best value at each stage of the project process.  The build phase can be tendered by numerous companies to a agreed design or list of deliverables, with build analysis based on price and capability to deliver.

Constructability in design

Our construction and commissioning engineers form part of the project teams from the start, to ensure that constructability is considered early in the design stage. This is the best way to bring about the most cost effective and safest methods of construction, installation and completion.
Work planning
We use a comprehensive portfolio of processes, procedures and data management tools to define the work and ensure all necessary materials, plant, equipment, tooling, manpower and specialist resource requirements have been identified and put in place.

Our detailed processes, systems and tools, which are located in our managements system, are  used worldwide to ensure that our construction work is of consistently high quality across our network.

Work execution
We manage discrete construction and commissioning activities during the preparation phase, execution phase or as part of a fully integrated construction and commissioning service. Getting the right people in place in good time is just one of the ways in which we create successful work execution.

The best way to ensure effective and safe execution of the workscope is good organisation and control of worksites, personnel, materials and equipment in accordance with the project plan. Our detailed field planning makes sure that pre-execution activities, permit raising, risk assessments and toolbox talks optimise the project resources and enable timely and accurate progress reporting and time writing in order to update the plan.  

We provide a comprehensive range of specialist engineering services:

  • Construction management
  • Job card and workpack development
  • Construction HAZID reviews
  • Constructability reviews and site surveys
  • Commissioning philosophies and procedures
  • Completions management our completions management system
  • Estimating and resource scheduling
  • Construction campaign working
  • Turnaround/shutdown management