Safety - Health - Environment

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety of our people working for or managed by Clark Eriksson is our number one priority.   Safety comes first in everything we do, from Office based Meetings to Site Surveys and Managing Construction Activities on site.  It is everyone’s responsibility to assess, look for, intervene and stop any unsafe or potentially unsafe activity. 


Looking after the Environment is key to Clark Eriksson, not only in our own premises, through recycling initiatives, but in our design for client companies.  We ensure that the impact on the environment is minimised via initiatives like reducing leak paths in Pipe-work and Instrumention.  Our environmental performance is accredited by our ISO14001 Registration by British Standards Institute (BSI).


Strong relationships with our customers is vital to our business, everyone at Clark Eriksson is focused on customer care.  We pride ourselves on having long term clients, and client retention is core to our business model.   We take a coordinated team approach to projects, working closely with the client's own people with a common goal, of successful project delivery.

We welcome candid feedback from our clients – good and bad – because it helps us to improve and stay focused on what our customers need. We recognise that a customer’s perception is their reality, so we must take the time and have empathy to understand an issue from their viewpoint.

While it is good to be 'liked' - it is more important that we are respected for our focus on safety, our professionalism and our integrity.


We actively look for ways to improve what we do, so that the next project is better than the last.

Due to our wide sector base, we pride ourselves on bringing ideas/ways of working across business sectors.  Whether this is through technology or different models of project delivery.

We encourage our staff to be innovative in their approach to every project, no matter how small or large.  Improvement can always be found, 'you just have to look'.


Our People are our main business and greatest asset.  We ensure our people are treated fairly and with dignity.

We encourage people to provide feedback and offer up solutions to every part of the business.  Whether it is an internal improvement or an improvement for one of our clients.  

Teamwork is key to everything we do, we recognise that individuals all have different skill sets and behaviours that make up the 'perfect' team.

Development of our people is key to our business success, either via training or coaching.

Financial Responsibility

Effective Management of our clients Project Costs, is key to our business.  We believe in clear and open estimating, with a clearly defined list of deliverables.  

A clearly defined scope is key to ensure Project Costs are correctly estimated, and ultimately controlled through the project process.

We treat all our suppliers and sub-contractors fairly with payment in line within agreed payment terms.

We actively encourage and report on Costs Saved/Avoided throughout the LifeCycle of our Projects.  This demonstrates to our clients that we actively look for ways to save them money on Design, Procurement and Build.